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Whales Around Iceland

Currently, we know of eighty-five different species of Whales, dolphins and Porpoises collectively called cetaceans. These range from the largest animal that has ever lived on our planet the Blue Whale to the smallest the Hectors dolphin. They are found in every one of our oceans and even some of our rivers. Anyone that has been whale watching and seen these magnificent mammals up close can tell you that it is an experience never forgotten and a feeling of amazement and happiness not quite understood.

Whale Watching 'Season'

Twenty-three species or cetaceans have been known to frequent the surrounding oceans and seas of Iceland. Not including the numerous seabirds, seals and basking sharks. The abundance of food around our shores provides the marine life with excellent feeding grounds. Summer (May – August) is the peak season for seeing the most marine life but the winter months have also been very productive with the added bonus of beautiful snow capped mountains, sun setting skies and opportunities, from other tours, to see the incredible Northern Lights.

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