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Elding's Research Team 2019

~ our team consists of wildlife enthusiasts that work together to gather vital information on the wildlife in our waters under the guidance of our head research co-ordinator Sabrina Voswinkel~

Eline van Aalderink

I am Eline van Aalderink, a Marine Biology master student from the Netherlands and
Iceland. I graduated with a Biology bachelor’s degree from the University of Sheffield and am now combining my passion for conservation ecology and marine life in a Marine Biology master at the University of Groningen. My research in Elding is focussed on estimating the value of minke whales in Faxaflói Bay for the tourism industry - essentially to indicate whether minke whales are worth more alive or dead. With whaling and ocean pollution as important issues in Iceland, Elding’s dedication to conservation and education through sustainable ecotourism helps raise awareness of the threats to cetaceans and other marine  wildlife, so I am excited to be involved in the research here to support their mission of maintaining healthy oceans for the whales!

Alenka Skvarč

My name is Alenka Skvarč and I am a bachelor biology student from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since I have always been interested in marine biology and I could not have studiedit in my home country, I found the opportunity to work as an intern at Elding WhaleWatching very pleasant. This is my favourite dream come true! I look forward to anunforgettable first experience in this field and I hope it becomes the beginning of my future research career in marine biology.

Andrea Gamba

This October, Andrea Gamba had joined our research team. He has recently graduated from Stockholm University with a Masters’ degree in Marine Biology which focused on corals. Andrea is from the Italian part of Switzerland and now joined us until the end of the year to gain his first field experience and practical knowledge which he hopes to use for a PhD abroad in the near future. While with Elding, Andrea will gain not only skills on board of our whale watching vessels, helping our marine biologist guides in collecting photographic, environmental and behavioural data. He will also learn computer based analysis of the collected data which will help to better understand and thus better protect our marine mammals around Iceland.