Elding's Research Team 2020

~ our team consists of wildlife enthusiasts that work together to gather vital information on the wildlife in our waters under the guidance of our head research co-ordinator Sabrina Voswinkel~



Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina Voswinkel and I have a MSc degree in Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Management which is focused on marine environments. But getting there was a pretty long path, over 80 applications for internships, changing universities to get into the courses that would bring me closer to the ocean to finally moving to the other side of the world to finally work on and live by the ocean. I actually grew up in central Germany so never saw the ocean until a family holiday. But even before that I was always mesmerised by the ocean, loved watching the Little Mermaid and finally, by moving to New Zealand, made my dream of working with marine animals become reality. From there I have done internships in the Amazon river and the Mediterranean Sea on Giglio Island, worked in New Zealand and Australia, the Maldives and finally coming to Iceland. A country unlike any other and wonderful to keep up my hobbies of photography, nature and sports. Now I have been with Elding since May 2017, making it from Guide to Research Coordinator and finally Head Guide. All simply due to my biggest passion – the ocean and its inhabitants.

Rodrigo Catalán

"Rodrigo is our Research Assistant & Senior Guide and he´s been working with us since 2017. He comes from Spain, where he graduated in Environmental Sciences and a Master in Ecosystem Restoration. He is a passionate naturalist with great enthusiasm towards environmental education. You will always find him carrying his camera ready to "shoot" at any wild animal, even in the most adverse weather. He is quite of a traveller too, and has been in places such as Argentina, South Africa or Portugal in pursue of our beloved whales".


Gemma Hill

My name is Gemma and I am going to be a researcher at Elding for around 10 months and I have a forever increasing ambition to learn more about our fantastic oceans and the life which lies within them. I am from the United Kingdom and am currently studying Zoology BSc with hopes of continuing my studies on to a Masters degree in Marine biology upon completion. The sea has always fascinated me but in particular Cetaceans, which whilst at Elding I hope to increase my knowledge of these species and work together to inform the surrounding people of how to protect our oceans.